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We’re not together, you made that obvious, so why are you so curious when it comes to my love life. Why does it matter that another guy is taking me out on dates, why does it matter that someone is spending the night at my house, why does any of it matter? You are in no position to be jealous because you had that chance to be my one and only, but you decided that our relationship won’t work our. So why are you acting so protective over me? If you can move on and have fun, why can’t I? Why do I have to be the one that has to give up everything to make you happy when you don’t care to make me happy?

I honestly don’t need to be getting shit about other guys from you when we’re not even together. Make shit official or even close to official before getting jealous and blowing up on me over me flirting with another guy.

Hopeless romantic

Hopeless romantic

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“Choose well. A sky bison is a companion for life.”

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"You need Jesus." -

Said when ones actions are so ridiculous that only divine intervention can set them straight. (via blackproverbs)


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Jonathan: And you call me a flirt?
Me: haha wtf are you talking about I wasn't flirting!
Jonathan: come on now, I have never heard your voice go that high.
I always have fun with my homie/brother Jonathan.

Probably one of the worst photoshoot I’ve been in. 

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